Hi. I’m Fanny,  macrame artist, sole digital marketer, and founder at MAKRAFUN.

I am currently working on digital and social media marketing for socially and environmentally responsible, healthy and sustainable businesses who need a like-minded creative to bring their brands to life. Beside my main work I am a modern macramé artist as well. All my items are handmade and designed by me, using quality 100% organic rope or recycled T-shirt yarn. My design aesthetic is simple and practical and never compromise quantity over quality.

It is important to me to be kind to the environment and my craft is no exception. I believe that running small sustainable business helps me to reduce my impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. Ethical and sustainable marketing isn’t just a strategy; it’s a philosophy.

Do we have similar values? How about a similar passion or aesthetic? If so, I would love to work on collaboration with you! After all, the world is better when we work together.

If you need some marketing help, product sponsorship or would like to discuss a collaboration make a product together please send an email to fazekasfanny6@gmail.com or WhatsApp me on: +36302833600

Go green with me; I’d be delighted to help!